UCH/Tiny Crusaders Wii U

I just had this idea that I’ve been tossing around in my head ever since I tried out Nintendo Land for the first time.
Imagine UCH/Tiny Crusaders as a small standalone product on the Wii U. Support for up to 5 players locally. The Player with the gamepad would be the Ultimate Chimera/ Wind up dragon, while the other 4 players use Wiimotes and are in splitscreen on the TV. The players with Wiimotes would be the Pigmasks/Crusaders and it would control similarly to the Mario Chase minigame in Nintendo Land.

I know this idea will never come to be, but I just thought I’d share it.

For a later project, this may be a good idea - but it wouldn’t be possible ATM, due to the fact that the project they’re working on hasn’t been funded yet - which will choose the fate.

IF the project’s funding succeeds (And I hope it does), then they’ll need to finish it in 2016 - THEN it might be possible to talk for other project, as Tiny Crusaders on the Wii U would require it to be remade as a whole new game - engine, different coding languages than the standard PC ones, etc.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Unreal doesn’t run non Wii U. It would run on PS4 or XBox One, I do believe… But not Wii U.