Two-Sided Canvas Walls

So, I am a builder in Tower Unite for the most part, and I am always extremely happy and excited whenever I see new items to build with in the game whether it be canvas blocks, quality of life changes or decorative furniture but there’s one thing that I would love to have and think many others would appreciate!

For this idea, I would love to see the feature of a two-sided canvas wall that can be placed, like the normal canvas walls, obviously we can’t do this for every canvas item, so walls seem like the best option.

Two-sided walls should be able to help those who wish to make simple brick houses on the outside and in the inside have cozy white painted walls inside for example. You are able to adjust both sides of the canvas to whatever is allowed, like in a normal canvas wall. Sometimes I just wish to make a house or something and not have to remake the entire set of walls just so I can have a different exterior.

I agree 100% and would love this feature. I’m building my childhood home from scratch and having to have two thin walls next to each other works but it’s tedious and a pain because you need double the walls.