Two questions, i need assistance with

Hello! I have two things i want to ask, if someone knows how to help i’ll appreciate it:

  1. I have high ping…i’ve searched topics and there is nothing that helps… I tried playing on European server (i’m from eastern europe) and i have more than 200-250ping …Everyone has 50-150 and there is me…This doesnt happen in any other game, and i only play multiplayer games. Does anyone something about that?
    2.And second. I want to put shadows on low in graphic options but when i do that my game start turning white every 1-2s, my drivers are upgraded and fps is good.
    (it’s time for that…sorry for my bad english thing :stuck_out_tongue: )
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I can’t really help you with the first one, but for #2 that’s a shading bug that only occurs on the lowest shadow settings. If you can, put your shadows up by one level and you shouldn’t get the bug.

Hm, thanks for that, was wondering if i was the only one…but looks like no. I still need help with the first one, cant rly find a way to fix it!

To my knowledge, you’re probably screwed with the ping issue. Ping is simply how long it takes for your computer to talk to the server. The further you are from the server, the longer that’ll take, and thus, the higher your ping is. Depending on where in Europe the server is located, you’re probably just too far from the server. You might wanna try the Singapore servers. Depending on where in Eastern Europe you live, you may actually be closer to the Singapore servers.

Like i said…i can play other games with NO PROBLEM…How is this different?Germany is not that far…and on other games i can even play on US servers with lower ping than this…Well if nobody can help i might just refund it :slight_smile: