Twin-Stick Shooter Style Controller Support

I know there’s already controller support, but from someone who was a sucker for games with control schemes like Assault Heroes, where the shooting would automatically occur when you point the stick where you want to aim, the extra layer of having to hold down the trigger feels unnecessary. Plus, I think having the extra button that I can press without having to take my thumb off the right stick would be nice for managing weapon pickups and abilities and whatnot.

Maybe even if it isn’t the default, there could be a toggle or something of the sorts in the menu? It’s probably just something that’s strictly a personal preference of mine. Definitely seems like it would match more with the casual arcade-style feel the game has going on right now.

I can easily understand that, I played Dead Ops on COD Black Ops 1 and 2, it’d make an whole lot of sense on that, there’s even some twin stick community made content in several games if I had to guess, Little Big Planet 2 had some that did just that through other players’ levels. I am very much for this idea since it helps people that has played twin stick shooters.

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