[TV] Support for Kisscartoon and Kissanime

title says everything

Supporting an illegal pirate streaming site doesn’t sound like a good idea TBH


yeah you kind of have a point


I’d say that’s pushing it. However, if Dropbox support is added, you could upload your own videos (hint, hint.) just to watch them in Tower, and then remove them afterward. It’s more troublesome, but at least it’s less risky.

You can already do this in fact.

The TV Screens, from my understanding, are just an embed of the Steam Web Browser (in which in turn is based on Chrome). If you direct link an .mp4 or any other type of chrome-supported video, it should work on the TV screens as any of the supported services.


Sites like that in most cases don’t host the videos themselves, as I don’t know from experience at all.

Even if you wanted to add support you’d have to support the actual video host and extract the URL youtube-dl style. Then also automatically try to switch hosts should one be down.

Basically, I don’t see this happening on a technical level either. (Please correct me should I be wrong with anything!)

It’s a terrible idea.
That’s like asking them to be able to stream videos directly from the pirate bay

Insted of this, would it not be better for the player to detect a video and full screen it or to support flash? Would solve this issue. not to mention its not perfect yet so you never know

It’s 2017 and HTML5 Video is etablishing itself. Please don’t encourage the use of Flash for Streams. :astonished:


Animetoon maybe?

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also why dis thread closed?

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