Turn on at night option

What I am trying to suggest is that there is a light that automatically turns on at night and off at day. Yes they will be able to be turned off and on manually but will hopefully save time by having to run around turning lights on and off if you like the day night cycle. (Like me) I don’t know whether or not that it would be implemented on the current outdoor lights or if there would be a new, seperate item that does this instead.
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I’m assuming you’re talking about any sort of lights. This is actually a nice idea. Even if it’s nothing to add soon, I’d like to see it eventually.


this is in sims right?
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This has not so much to do with this thread, but how about you can buy your own condo lights that automatically turn on at night? You can of course turn them on manually during day and turn them off manually during night too.
Unless this is already a thing and I just didn’t see it yet.

And edit, to make my post less off-topic: The idea is something I like, everything seems way too bright when it’s night, because of the massive amount of lights that turn on.

After re-reading a few times my brain was able to work it out… Pretty much what you’re saying is being to buy a kind of ‘auto light’ kind of thing. But also be able to turn it off if you wanted

What Op is trying to get at is that they want a option on lights that allows them to automaticly turn on when it gets to night time like with the lamp posts and such in the Plaza.

I understand this as I have like 50 lights in my condo

I know what the OP was talking about, my post didn’t have a lot to do with the thread itself. Shouldn’t have posted it I guess.

I don’t know I haven’t played the sims in a while

Yes, I dont care if you have to buy new seperate lights or its implemented on current outdoor lights but them turning on automatically at night is what im trying to say.

If a logic/wiring system is put into place, I’d imagine that time sensors would be one of the inputs to make this possible.

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They were planning on doing a logic system of some kind, but I think that was delayed to allow more important stuff. It’s still listed on the items list under “Future Items”.

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