Turn's volume changes into an option added this change:

Audio volume changes for Arcade. If you are a spectator, or playing the game, or hovered over it, it’ll play sounds at full volume - otherwise it’ll play at less volume to avoid overlapping audio experiences

It’s a bit counter-intuitive, I know, but I would love for a subtle option to turn this change off. I personally loved the idea of all the machines’ noises morphing together at the same volume to make the entire place obnoxiously noisy, and this will still keep it for everyone who doesn’t

I think the best way to do this would be to add a volume slider for unfocused arcade games that is automatically turned down.


There are already enough options for volume sliders. I would prefer some existing slider be re-used than add yet another one, but I suppose I would support one volume slider for the volume of all SFX that’s not in the player’s current game with focus.

I just think that one slider specific to arcades is overly specific.


Gonna rebump this up, to also add on that if this change was made, could it also be possible to hear ONLY the arcade machine you are using as a part of this option. That way games like Stack em, or Salmon says could be made easier to hear their audio cues over the music/sounds of other arcade machines idle music/noises.

It’s been getting really frustrating to get distracted by the music or noises of other machines while trying to listen for the audio cues in Stack Em. Especially in big lobbies.

That’s already a thing.

Really? cause I can still clearly hear the other arcade machines idle music/noises while I play stacker. It’s been bothering me.

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