TU stuff removed from GMT

Is this intentional because the big sign advertising TU in the lobby is gone (at least on join.gmtower.org), and also the signs in the transit station are not advertising TU either?

Probably. What’s the point now? Funding period is over. Game’s confirmed to be happening.

This is most likely intentional, as Tower Unite stuff is currently happening, and pre-orders aren’t available for the game yet, so it only makes sense to revoke all advertising for the game until then.


I’m sure this is intentional, especially as donations have reopened on GMT, they have to advertise that now to get the $200 a month required to keep the servers operational. Also as Tower Unite got its funding, it doesn’t make sense to advertise it, especially as those who didn’t back it during the IndieGoGo cannot get their hands on it until March next year at the earliest.

Maybe when there are extremely noteworthy additions or features, they could advertise those on the server for a period to keep interest in the game sustained for those who did not back or for new joiners who may not know whet Tower Unite is.

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It’s pretty much reinforcing what others said so far, but TU at current points doesn’t need to be splattered all around the walls of the Lobby since there’s pretty much nothing people who didn’t back back then to do now. Instead of being something that players would click to gain information on something, it would just became a decoration (like everything else). That being said, with the new need for GMTower Donations, if a person was to log in and see the new Tower poster, it would pretty much kill the enthusiasm of donating because a new version is coming out.

That being said, I assume the posters will be changed when milestones and such are added to Tower Unite, or when GMTower gets close to well… the closing date.

We removed it, but we still have the MOTD for new players (it shows only once forever). Players shouldn’t be harassed by ads all day.

I’m actually a strong opponent against ads, which is why you’ll never see our websites with advertisements.

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