TU Price Increase + Financial Support

Hey all,

On January 16th, 2024, the price of Tower Unite will be increased to $24.99 USD.

Like the last time we increased the price, we wanted to let you all know ahead of time so people can grab the game at its current price.

In the almost four years since the last price increase, a lot has been added to Tower Unite to merit another increase in price. However, more importantly, while we made great strides in developing the game last year, we’re just getting by, and we need financial support!

Costs have increased for services that are essential to Tower Unite’s existence, developers need to continue be paid fairly, and the consistent free updates that we pride ourselves on are costly.

So we not only need to make the game’s value reflect what you’re getting and offer more ways to support the game, but we need to adjust our development path!

You can check out what you can look forward to in the game this year on our State of the Game post. Any support you give will help us to complete those projects and keep development of Tower Unite alive!

If you’d like to support development, you can do so by:

  • Buying the game on Steam or Humble and sharing with your friends
  • Subscribing on Patreon
  • Upping your Patreon subscription
  • Buying us a Ko-Fi
  • Buying merch such as our Makeship plushy collaborations (when available - and there will be a new one available in the coming months!)
  • Buying from our Redbubble

We rely on word of mouth, so if you enjoy Tower Unite, please share it with your friends!


We wanted to also mention that we’re considering adding a supporter pack on Steam that will go directly to supporting development.

This supporter pack will be an optional, one time purchase that contains a few gifts (similar to our Patreon). These gifts will not make any part of the game inaccessible nor give players any unfair gameplay advantages.

We’ll also adjust our Patreon tier rewards to give an equivalent gift.

We’d really appreciate your support through this new optional supporter pack when it comes out. If you’ve already supported us in the past or through Patreon, we are extremely thankful you’ve gotten us to where we are today.


Once again, we have an overview of our plans for TU this year in our 2024 State of the Game post (as well as a review of the past year). We’re really excited to get going on these features, and we think you’re going to love them!

Here is just some of what is on the forefront of our minds for the coming year:

  • Minigolf Maps
  • Workshop & Modding Tools
  • Bumper Cars
  • Arcade Games
  • Weekend Events
  • VR Support
  • Dedicated Condo Servers
  • Horror Hill Development
  • In-Development Projects

If you’d like more info on any of these, check out the State of the Game post and our Trello!

That’s all for now, so thank you so much for reading and for your support in any way,
<3 PixelTail Games


I’ve been supporting the game on Patreon since June 2020 and plan to keep at it!

I think adding cosmetics for a potential supporter pack and/or the patreons is fine too.


Will probably buy that support pack. Especially if it is around 20-30 euros. Such an unique and awesome idea like TU shouldn’t disappear in vain!


I do think as well as a patreon, A Tower Unite sub that gives similar features as a way to support the game (sorta like VRChat+) that is a direct way to support the game while not giving features that directly impact the features given directly to regular users. But anything you guys add in terms of supporter packs I will buy Day 1. Youve given me so much joy with GMT and Tower for the past decade that no amount of money is worth the enjoyment I’ve gotten back and the friends I’ve made.


Wishing you guys all the best, would definitely be interested in a one-time purchase supporter pack (or that next plushie ;3). I really appreciate that this game still follows its original principles of no subscriptions or microtransactions.


An increase to £19 I see?

That’s a good increase.

I’m amazed that this game has been running for so long! It sounds like the decision to increase the price of the game was made in good faith. Glad to see this game is still in capable hands.


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