TU-only memes




sorry dave… but the femur breaker needs testing…


you do see his shoulders right?

dave is not composed of your typical biological material.
he does not have bones, muscle or skin.
his body is comprised of an unknown substance, like that of gelatin or rubber.
he is powered by his hatred for Dan, his mortal enemy.
he will have a smile on his face, the whole time you attempt to harm dave.

and he will have a smile on his face, the whole time he harms you.



if dave was any uglier, he’d be a cognitohazard.



I’ve come up with some new names for the condos:




“runs like shit”




okay i’ll take a break now


all these memes relate to me





hmm weird, suite never fatal errors for me


Dude imagine if the condo realtor hadn’t been moved from the tower condos building. Do you know how many germans would be asking where he is? I even had to ask where he was when I got this game


“where do i buy packjet” v2:

“where do i buy condo??”


More realisticly:

Native English speaker: “Were do yu get de flying thig?”

Some dude: “In robs imports”

Native English speaker: “But were do yu get de flying thig?”