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oh fuck aus has a server, doesn’t it?

i never really go into the plaza anyway, just not worth the lag or the lack of players.


the most I see in aus is 8 maybe a little over 10. I never use it anyway, it’s not worth it. I just play on the US servers, the high ping isn’t an issue for me lol


I just play on whichever region has the most players and I deal with the lag. Sometimes it’s US, sometimes it’s EU. :man_shrugging:



its honestly kinda awesome seeing all the germans having so much fun


The Germans are all nice people, if a bit confused/confusing at times








people hate the quarter item so much they forget it exists


I want to do something with all of my quarters. What if you could throw them into the fountain in the center of the plaza? Perhaps create an achievement or milestone item for doing it 100 times.

  • Achievement: Wishing Well
    Toss 100 quarters into the plaza fountain.
    Reward: 5,000 units.


Ok so it doesn’t work cause it had a song in it.
I’ll dump the images here

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