TU on /r/Place

In case you have not heard, reddit is bringing back /r/place from April 1 to April 4. Place is a collaborative art project where users can place an individual pixel on a large canvas with a considerable cooldown. It requires a large amount of collaboration to complete a section with a picture. I remember about 5 years ago, the discord server tried to get the TU logo and the title somewhere on /r/place. The attempt eventually failed because of a lack of organization early on and each attempt was quickly overtaken by another image. It would be great if we could get it on this time. We would have to be organized, plan ahead and be consistent.

I remember playing GMT since lobby 1 and I was quite active on the old forums for a while. I may not be as active as I used to be, but I would love to see the community prosper and make a permanent mark somewhere online. I have a few ideas of what we could try to draw. Note that resolution has to be small, as people can only place one pixel at a time.


Other ideas people had included a catsack or Kalarry.

Our plan has to have multiple steps.

  1. Get a reddit account. Accounts made after these kinds of projects start are usually unable to participate.
  2. Choose an image to draw. We can do one of these examples you can suggest your own. Feel free to improve on somebody else’s design too. Keep in mind that the image must be low resolution, use a small color pallet and be obviously related to TU.
  3. Choose a spot when place opens. We need to find a suitable spot that won’t immediately be overtaken by another project. Try to avoid the center, active projects and the center.
  4. Draw ASAP. The sooner we make our project obvious, the better chances it has. It will be a lot harder to draw on a claimed area.
  5. Defend. Place is chaotic. Anything that is not vigilantly defended WILL get overtaken. We have to constantly maintain and upkeep our creation in order for it to be kept.

If there is anyone here interested, here is an easier to use template. The first priority should be making the basic shape. Let’s focus on building at (200, 560).

Welp, doesn’t look like it’s happening. Oh well.

IF only, id be down

The canvas just doubled in size (again) in case anyone still wants to do this

If you want, we could start around (1350,1722). It’s currently at the bottom of the H.

Yea, that sounds good. I’m not entirely sure how place works yet but I’ll just start placing tiles lol

I and some others have started working on the top right blue part first. We are going down making the perimeter of blue. After the blue comes white, then a black outline if necessary and text.

Seems we still don’t have the manpower for a logo. If you guys want to sneak in the text somewhere, that could work.