TU on 3 monitors!

After realizing I have 3 monitors lying around that are nearly the same size, I attempted a triple monitor setup. To my surprise, it worked! It’s not perfect. In fact, it’s a bit jury-rigged. I’m using a DVI>Displayport adapter, one monitor with DVI only, and one with HDMI. Again, by no means a “good” setup, but it works.

As for the game itself, the only problem is that the HUD elements appear in the corners of the outermost monitors. Otherwise, it looks and plays great.


Nice inside the box thinking there!

Not sure what you mean :confused:

I like playing on ultra wide resolutions, it’s really fun. Tower looks really pretty in peripheral sometimes, and it gets really hectic when you’re playing like virus or something. Haven’t tried minigolf yet. Ballrace is really broken iirc, something about the FOV.

But anyway, the menu is really bugged for ultrawide, but that’s probably because there’s not a large demand for ultrawide support and having ultrawide is sorta expensive. Also it generally looks good on both normal widescreen and 4:3 resolutions to have everything left or right aligned. It takes care of itself in those scenarios.

Bottom’s a little cut off, but that’s more or less what it looks like.

My setup isn’t nearly as angled as yours is, but still looks about the same. Have you tried taking any really cinematic screenshots yet? try messing with the FOV to get it to something more palatable.

I’ve maxed out the FOV, it’s still hard to see things above and below in the middle screen.