TU Fighting Game?

So I got bored and started wondering what a Tower Unite fighting game might look like. So I came up with this thread.

You can suggest maps or fighters for the game. For fighters, you suggest their movesets, including an ultimate ability, along with 4 alternate colours for them.

Here are my suggestions:

Map - Lobby 3 Fountain

Fighter - Milk

light attacks consistent of quick jabs with the balls on their arms, legs are very static. A couple of heavy attacks would be a downwards thrust with their hands like a hammer swing, and a move where the milk jumps up and kicks in front of them with both legs.

The Milk would have a separate ability where they can shoot milk from their straw. It’s a slow and predictable move, but if it hits the other player directly, it will take out a third of their health. There is a milk meter which means that this can’t be used a lot, and this meter fills up over time.

The milk whether it lands on the other player or not goes on the floor, and if this is stood in, it causes increasingly more damage the longer they stand in it. The ultimate move has the milk cover the entire area in milk and hit the other player as well.

Alternate Colours:

  • White (Default)
  • Brown (For chocolate)
  • Pale Yellow (For banana)
  • Pale Pink (For strawberry)
  • White with green blotches (Should have put it back in the fridge)

These alternates would also affect the milk spilled to avoid confusion.

Those are my suggestions, I’m curious what others come up with.