TU Daily Issue 7: Jurassic Pork Opens Soon

Recently, a new zoo has been announced, called Jurassic Pork. The people making Jurassic Pork have said that it will have many extinct species in exhibits, such as the Pigmask. More news will be delivered in the future.

In other news, a local child living at a neighborhood has reported that their toy knights and dragon have come to life. The child has locked them inside of a room of toys. The child hopes that the dragon will be killed by their pet bird. The parents of this child have not said anything about the subject as of this time.

A week ago, the Market town now has textures. Some people reported to have seen Birb, Sir Foohington III’s pet, throw up. A second later, the Market town had textures. The town is now selling wheelbarrows.

New games have been added to the Arcade. A Mas Fuerte machine, a basketball game, and new Wheely Rigged and Dizzy machines are being added to the Arcade. Please note that when playing the Mas Fuerte game, do not hit anyone with the hammer.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more news in the lobby, condos, and gameworlds!


I believe the paper had a misprint, leading the entire paper to break link and display my entire dining table as a broken image. But the media won’t report it, they’re too busy pushing their zoo agendas!!! and birb agendas!!! Wake up sheeple!


We’ve been Censored :newspaper:

Blame the government!