TU and Steam workshop concerns

I have some…concerns with the steam workshop and TU

I read a couple comments on some videos you guys at Pixeltail have been making, and one comment caught my attention, i will give you the quote

“This is going to turn into Sex simulator so quickly it isn’t funny. Thank you Steam workshop. Not meaning this is for the bad its for the good so kids wont have to learn sex ed in school!”

Now i can’t deny that really, he has a point, with the…‘imagination’ of the workshop, things like this will be bound to happen, so i’m more concerned if this kind of stuff will be…removed from the workshop?

What’s the concern here?

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My concern is with people putting sexual things on the workshop, before you say “lol its the workshop you can’t stop it”, i’m very aware of that…

And no, i’m not scared of seeing some…you get the idea

Pretty sure the workshop will be moderated when it comes to anything overly-explicit.

You don’t like it? I’m not understanding the “concern” here.

People are going to do what people are going to do. Luckily, players can host their own Official and UN-Official servers, so if you don’t like a Workshop Item in someone’s server, go to a different one.

And the canvas situation, you can always disable them.

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I see what you mean, I would not like to see anything sexual on the TU workshop, either. When it comes to the workshop, people can create tons of things beyond crazy and weird, and I’v seen tons of stuff in Gmod I didn’t want to… Anyways, as I was saying… I hope there are such thinks, like moderators or a report system (Sorry, I don’t use workshop that much), for the workshop or something that will delete/ban items that are to inappropriate and/or crazy, you know?

I believe the Workshop does have a “guideline” section, but based on what I’ve seen in GMod, it’s very lax.

I do really hate this notion of “reporting” stuff though. Like I said before, if you don’t like something you find on a server, find a different one.

If I went onto a random Sandbox server, I would of course go to a different one if it had content I didn’t want to see. But, for example, If I was on Gmtower and the community was horrible (Remember: Example!), I would maybe have stayed on the server, just for the my Condo and the Gameworlds, since no other server has the same content. But, thanks for pointing that out. :wink:

People are explicitly entitled to use whatever is permitted by the Workshop in this game. If you do not like the content available on a server, it is your choice to leave or not.

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Workshop will be moderated. We’ll set up guidelines when the time comes.

That concerns me.

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I mean, you can moderate the Workshop, but I highly doubt that will be the only method of getting extra-game content. NexusMods is a thing, for example. Filefront. Etc.

I’d also like to see an explicit set of guidelines since I’ve never heard of a game moderating their workshop. I can understand offensive or adult content, but I worry that the irrelevant opinions of developers will come into play (as is typical with “moderation”) After all, this isn’t GMT which has its own sets of rules and regulations, as each server is to have their own agenda.

Essentially, I’m hoping your moderation just constitutes enforcing Workshop guideliness.


Garry’s Mod workshop is moderated in terms of offensive content and pornographic content, as well as ensuring that you are the owner of the content. Our guidelines will most likely be similar to this.

It is very possible that we could make Steam Workshop a proprietary method of obtaining third party content. - This is wrong. - Macklin

That is all that I ask, even though “offensive” can often be subjective.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. You’ll be using the Workshop as a method to bring items into the game? That sounds like a good idea, though I don’t think all Workshop items should function as a submission into this selection, rather be offered on a by-user basis.

PixelTail has a personal standard and reputation to uphold, which means that we have the jurisdiction to reprimand any content within the game that might jeopardize our reputation. Steam Workshop content also cannot violate the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

You also realize that enforcing an overbearing control on a Workshop community can also have serious consequences for PixelTail equal to or greater than that of permitting content deemed somewhat offensive to minority (as in number, not race) groups.

As far as I am concerned this is all the Tower Unite Workshop should be required to follow, considering PixelTail is not representative of anything a community creates. That’s like saying the person who created the Adolf Hitler playermodel for Garry’s Mod labelled Garry Newman as a Nazi supporter.

Look, here’s the deal.

We’re going to moderate porn and adult content. Everything else will be fine.

We’re gonna treat it like how garry treats Garry’s mod workshop.

As a Steamworks developer, we have to follow the subscriber agreement that Valve employs.


Thanks for this bit of clarification, Mac.

Sounds perfectly fine to me. Thanks for the clarification.

I’d be really saddened/disappointed if that ends up happening.

We’re gonna have a package format that will be downloadable without workshop, as well.