TU Alpha Next Update

I’m just curious, is it possible to have calendar-like feature that shows past and future updates and what they add? Maybe it could be on the website and/or in game. I’m trying not to ask for to much though, I’m not saying there has to be a new update shown right after a new one. Heck, maybe it doesn’t have to show just updates, it could be news and events, like this: Zak vs. Foohy TF2 Community Grudge Match 2015

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Considering there is going to be a Tower Unite Trello, I would think this would go there.

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Yeah. A Calendar/Trello at this point would really be welcome. They are probably busy filling in paper work right now, but it would be lovely if we had a more specific time frame for the next events.

it seems like TU Alpha is going to be working on what the fans want first
so what they would add first might change