Trying to get backer stuff back

I donated to the Indiegogo campaign for backer awards, and it worked out perfectly fine, I got all the stuff I was supposed to get in-game. The game wasn’t in a playable state for me at the time though, so I stopped playing for a few years and after coming back my backer stuff was gone, I only have my legacy donor stuff from gmod tower and the name I used for backing is in the lobby. I’ve been playing for a while without it now but I finally got the courage to post about it here. Is there anything I can do to get it back?

Edit on 6/12/22: I didn’t want to post in the topic three times in a row. I also want to add that I activated my key for Tower Unite’s beta testing on september 29, 2015. There’s a chance that maybe this is relevant information?


Back to try and fix this again. Please help me solve this issue. Extremely recently I have obtained the files from my old computer, which was rendered inoperable due to an earthquake. I’ve found my copy of the Indiegogo Alpha, it is version 0.0.2. Alongside it is the README.txt which it assumedly came with. I also have the emails which confirm my contribution, particularly Indiegogo Support but also some from Pixeltail Games LLC. I was a Power Gamer. I even still have the alpha key, and no, I haven’t given it to anyone else. I really would like for my contribution to be recognized beyond having my requested name on one of the gold plaques above the train station, so please tell me if there is anything I can do. If I need to show someone the evidence of this, I will.

What most likely happened was that your backer account wasn’t synced when we had that open back in 2016. I have awarded you the missing items.

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Ahh… Thank you SO much man, this makes me unreasonably happy. Do I also get the backer title ingame? Still, so happy to finally get this stuff. I’m sorry if I didn’t sync my account, I have no idea how to check that and I was just a dumb kid at the time, but I’m glad it’s been done! Thank you mac :smiley:

You’re welcome, sorry that happened and sorry that this thread got lost to time. I’ll add your backer tag in the next update.

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Yay!! I’m ecstatic to hear it! And, well, at least it got righted, yeah? I appreciate the apology. It’s like one of the biggest and longest-lasting loose ends in my life is finally being closed. Tower Unite has come such a long way since that kickstarter, it’s really coming together now. Nostalgic, my wait is over… Now, I’m pumped! Looking forward to it. :wink:

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