TriviAndroid is a thought I had in the shower that ended up turning in to a full on project. I thought “what’s the point in having an API if no one is actively using it”, so I made something out of the Open Trivia DB API.

What is it?
TriviAndroid is a bot for discord that lets you play trivia with your friends within your discord server. Adding it to your server is super simple, just click <a href=>here and follow the instructions. Note: you can’t just go around adding this to random servers, you need to have the manage server role.

How do I play?
Once the bot is added to your server, just type >trivia, and you’re good to go. To respond to a question use >A, >B, >C or >D. That’s all. No configuration required.

Can I get the source?
soon :tm:
It just needs a bit of cleaning up before it’s unleashed to the public, I don’t like releasing code when it looks like dog shite.

<a href=>Once again, here is a link to add it to your discord.

I’ll put a bit more info here later.

also trivia moderator would be nice caboose


Awesome! Keep up the great work!

Very cool, great job! Trivia is always fun. Looking forward to seeing this in action. :slight_smile:

I hope this could be released in Windows Phone Store (Windows 10 Mobile)

This is really cool!

is it broken?

It was, it’s back now.

Looks like it’s broken again, I suspect dead since the last reply was back in May. I just added it to my Discord server and it shows as offline in the user list and doesn’t respond to >trivia.

When I saw the Open Trivia DB API, my first thought was to make an Android app using it. I thought you beat me to it when I read the thread title.

I don’t really have much intention of rehosting the bot, but you can get the source here:

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