Trivia Milestone Ideas

maybe a floating lightbulb pet or hat


Maybe something making use of the Trivia DB.

I remember there was a feature in Club Penguin where if you pressed a certain key it would tell a random joke, so I guess an item that just spits out random facts?

Perhaps Umbra’s lightbulb idea, but it has a little speech bubble, and occasionally says random trivia questions and answers.


big blue brain that shoots lasers as a hat

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Can you guys make a separate thread about the trivia items?

A question mark top hat (with some emissive materials for better design)



Lol, I love this! :laughing:
This the ideal milestone reward for trivia if you ask me.

a miniature handheld version of the answer panel with the A B C D buttons
clicking will play an animation of pressing the answer buttons randomly and it will give you a version of the correct answer streak you get when playing trivia, but on your character

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Brain potion


I didn’t make this thread. Mac merged it into one

It would be cute if when there are other players with lightbulb pets nearby one could say a question and the other answers. I’d like for it to be a rolling pet instead of a floating one though because the dog, cat, melons have dialogue so it’d make more sense, plus it’d be weird seeing a lightbulb not just spin in circles like a bottle. I think it’d be humorous


Thinking particle


Whoops, I posted my idea in response to Mac in that original thread before I saw this one so just gonna crosspost it here:


Trivia sound emitter? Makes the noise that the game makes during a question, along with the answer noise.

I like the idea of that. A little item that when pressed will give you some random trivia question and the correct answer. I’d want that to be early milestones because it’d be a fun thing in the condo because it can help people learn new facts! Its one of the main reasons I play Trivia in the plaza.

Though I’m not sure it should speak really, text to speech can really garble some words because of them either being foreign words in English characters or just because they have a weird way of being spelled.

Gold’s brain (accessory case)
not just knowledge, but everything.


Call of Duty : Black Ops style floating numbers particle effect

“The numbers Mason, what to they mean?”

Trivia Themed Supercomputer