Trivia and Typing Derby reward increase?

A few seconds of Video Poker with 5 credit bets gives around 500 Units or so. Top scoring in Trivia gives 270 credits max for the top scorer in around a minute. It’s the same with Typing Derby. There’s hardly a reason to play the two because when compared to the casino, it’s not very rewarding in terms of time, balance, and stress. It’s fun, but then I remember that you run a risk of getting 20 credits while sitting for 30 seconds, which keeps me and maybe some people from playing those games.


The Casino is made to gamble your current credits in chances of winning or downright losing them. Typing Derby and Trivia are games where you don’t spend credits to play them.

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It’s not about spending credits. It’s about finding the answer to ‘Is it worth making my wrist burn in Typing Derby for something I could just get in 3 rounds of Video Poker?’ Adding on to that, the top score payout in Trivia’s 10 questions is like 10 seconds of Black Jack.

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These activities (Trivia, Typing Derby) aren’t supposed to just replace other main money makers like gameworlds. They’re supposed to offer a fun activity, and the rewards are kinda just something tacked on.

I think their point is that you could just play on the casino effortlessly for 20 seconds and gain 1,000 units instead of typing words 80-300 times a minute or play a 5 minute or so long game of trivia for 100-200 units.

Maybe have some sort of “spin2win” function at the end, where you get exclusive rewards for being 1st till 3rd.

Atleast that would give me a reason to play them more often.


This sounds good. Maybe sell the item for a fair amount of Units.

Sounds good enough. Atleast make it so it is somehow rewarding to play Trivia or Typing Derby, at the moment Casino takes much less effort and gives you way more units.