Triple Monitor support

So, I have 3 monitors. They are all different resolutions. There are others very similar to me, so, how likely is it for you guys to allow us to change the size of the window so us different res people can play 3 screened?

Like this?

Teach me senpai ;_;
is that linux? if it’s not I REALLLLLLLLY NEED to know how to get my PC looking like that.

Looks like a heavily customized Windows 8.1 or 10.

bbbbbut how? I NEED TO KNOW ;___;

If you mean how does he stretch it, it’s windowed mode and he pulls the corners.

I don’t mean that also that doesn’t work for me. I cannot change the size of the window (yes I know how)

“if you get me a key i’ll try and investigate”


He just wants to get into the alpha without paying for it.

Okay but SRS

Does anyone know HOW I can do that? beats the shit out of me (≧ω≦)

Try running in Windowed Mode and extend it out. I don’t know what to tell you honestly.

That’s what I’ve already tried :confused: thanks anyway.

You do realize if you do what @scratch did, part of your screen will be cut off cause the window would be taller than the actual screen (at least, that’s what I think would happen)

I have a triple monitor display, but they’re plugged into different graphics cards. So I use this to manually strech a lot of games to meet a 4098x768 resolution.

It gets messy but it works

EDIT: Just tried the stretch, it just bounces back to native res.

But it is really nifty for other games, I really reccomend it.

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This solves, like, all of my problems ever. Thank you :smiley:

try the tool that scratch posted it works super well.

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