Trigger Volume: Setting to ignore events if the player is in another trigger volume

If you have a weirdly-shaped room that you need a trigger for, like if you want an item to appear only if you’re in that room, you might need multiple triggers to fill the room without having the trigger bounds leak into other rooms.
However, the issue with that is, where these triggers overlap, the OnLeaveTrigger event will fire again, causing the item to hide itself when it should still be visible.

Here’s a video to show what I mean. The desired effect is to have the Bull Skull visible while you’re in the plus, but leaving the horizontal trigger causes it to disappear while you’re still in the vertical trigger.

I think a good solution to this would be an option to ignore the ‘OnTrigger’ and/or ‘OnLeaveTrigger’ events if you enter/exit while inside another trigger; the events would still fire when entering or leaving the bounds of both triggers, but they wouldn’t if you’re entering from inside another trigger, functionally making this one plus-shaped trigger (even though it’s actually 2 box-shaped ones).

A name filter like the Physics Slot has would be good too, so the volume can only ignore the events if you’re standing in another volume called Poop Fart or something.

Interesting use case and something I’ll see what we can do.

I’m thinking what might be better is a Trigger Group name. If all triggers have the same Trigger Group name, they will ignore calling exit trigger unless the player is fully outside of the combined triggers in that group.