Tried to buy a Condo lose the money (Highrise)

Hi, I tried to buy a Condo (highrise)[175000 u I belive] and after the checkout the money was rested but when i get back to the main menu to try it, it didn`t apear… so I went to the plaza again to see what hapened and it said that I had 0 of the item… lost almost a day of playing. can i do something to get back the money or the condo ?

PD: Sorry for the bad english im from Chile.

What’s your Steam ID?

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:41971342
Steam ID64: [76561198044208412]
Login name: Surufa
User Name: Killial

Thanks for your consern.

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well actually I can´t buy anything tried to buy 1 pair of glasses and it didn´t work just rest me money

I have Read everything on the other post…
Steam is Online in my region.
Mi brother is playing in the same router and he doesn´t have the problem. runned an antivirus, turned off the firewall. reintaled the game and nothing… anything more I can do ?

Day 3: Still can´t buy Anything
day 4: Problem solved Thanks Admin.