Trello Picture

This image Looks much more beautiful then any other minigolf footage i have seen. Is this a map? This image looks a lot better than waterhole

Likely a map under development, looking at the lack of textures on the actual course.

From what the background looks like, it seems like it’s MG_Island (a map available by accident only in the first weekly build before it got taken down). There’s a possibility that it’s just a promo map for the Kickstarter/Indiegogo that’s not in development though.

that looks like the island minigolf map

Lighting, lighting, lighting. Showing the bumpmaps(?) on textures is a cheaty way to make any screenshot pretty.

Our maps are in alpha, prettiness comes later.

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That is a quote that will go down in history.

“Our maps are in alpha, prettiness comes later.” ~ macdguy

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I thought the developers were the prettiness.

You heard it here first, boys and girls, the new motto for Tower Unite is in!

Lol just kidding mac, please dont hurt me.

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