Treasure Hunt #2 - The Chillaxie Oasis

Hello erryone ^^

The first present-box hunt in the Chillaxie Oasis seemed to have been liked among the visitors,
so i’ve made another one. This one will have the same format; i.e you search for openable present-boxes and note the Letter contained in each. they are numbered and will form a full sentence when you have them all. there are also a few “control symbols”, to make sure you just don’t guess it beforehand ^^

I will try to keep the Chillaxie Oasis open as much as possible over this weekend.

Just as last time, the players that complete the hunt and PM/DM me the correct sentence will be on the glorious “scoreboard” by the Oasis entrance ^^

Welcome, and good luck ^^

(Chillshack Hood)

(Oasis Center)

(The Junkyard)

(The Snow and Ice Realm)

(Oceanside Promenade)

(The Beach and Ocean)

  • There are many many more areas but it would be too many screenshots for one post possibly ^^

The challenge/box location hints: