Treasure Cove - Loose Cannons

Hello everyone, this’ll mark my first post on the TU forums. As such, I’ll make a good impression by issuing my grievances with the minigolf map Treasure Cove.

There’s a couple problems I have with it, but the outlier is definitely the cannons. It’s a cool concept, but it falls just short, sometimes literally. My first time playing it, I stayed under-par up until I got to the later levels with cannons in them. Occasionally shots that seemed like they were supposed to be guaranteed to succeed would either overshoot and send the ball out of bounds, or else miss the target and bounce back, usually into a body of water.

I don’t necessarily understand the code behind them, but as far as I can tell there are no factors in the player’s control on whether the cannon will hit its mark or not, simply chance. This led me to feel like going over-par on these levels was not my fault, which is a problem for mini-games that should be considered “skill-based” (couldn’t have imagined I’d be speaking competitively about fucking mini-golf).

All I’m requesting is either some method to guarantee that the cannons are succinctly accurate, or else a factor/system that puts the accuracy/power of the cannon into the players’ control so they feel responsible for their shots. Hell, even if it’s a placebo bar that doesn’t actually affect the power of shots, it’d be better than nothing.

Thanks for reading my text wall, but in case you didn’t…
TL;DR: Cannons no shoot good, gamer ego hurty, pls fix.

For your consideration,

+1 Similarly, any “automated” action in Minigolf should never put you out of the course.

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