Transform via Item Finder

i think it’d be a really good idea to let you transform items from the item finder (coordinates AND gizmos), especially if the object is difficult to work with or if it’s in a weird spot

for example, i’ve seen a lot of people mention that they have problems with certain workshop items that they’re hard to select or move because of their hitboxes, adding the ability to transform objects from the item finder would allow users to move those weird items without having to stash them

another example could be an object really really far away & you wouldn’t have to fly for ages to transform it

(if i might add, i think another feature for teleporting directly to objects in the item finder would be really great as well, but i didn’t want to make a separate suggestion for this)

Creators used to add central control boxes so that large models can be easily selected, now it seems an Unreal Engine update has broken them, making them impractal to use. We need gizmo activation from the item finder now more than ever.