Trail Idea For Minigolf Golf Balls

First off i wanna say im sorry for the harsh language on that guys marriage post. I was just in a bad mood. Anyways. I was thinking of buyable trails for the golf balls. Instead off the blue/red/white/purple/etc. colored line following the ball. I was thinking of like electricity following the ball. For example: If you choose your ball color to be pink, the electricity will be pink. So pretty much the “trail” of the ball will take the color of what ever ball color you choose. I was thinking you could maybe look at some garrys mod trails and revamp them. Idk just a suggestion.


Definitely not necessary, but it would be a fun thing to have. I don’t know if the trail needs to match the colour of the golf ball (separate colour wheels, anyone?), but overall I think it would be a nice little thing to sink money into.


Cool idea, but maybe unlockable rather than buyable.

Everybody wants everything to be bought with units. I’m certain there are better ways than that to unlock/get small things in games :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re not wrong, but since Units can be pretty easily earned and can’t be bought with IRL currency, I guess no one sees the problem.

I do agree, I would like to see unlockables.

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The more money sinks, the better imo.

BUT the only problem is that new players will have to struggle to chose what to spend their money on. Like if you have 1,000,000 it doesn’t matter.

But when you only have 1,000 and want a cool Condo. And also want a cool ball. It could be bad


I think this a really great idea and would be a fun addition.

One thing that I think could add to this idea is that as well as being able to change the colour of the ball trail (in the same way that you change the colour of the ball), it would be neat if you could have special trails that would need to be bought with units, for instance sparks behind the ball as it rolls or music notes rising up from the trail.

Alhough they would need to be cheap to buy (something like 500-1,000 units each).

Or maybe they could have the same particles as your player?

Basically my point here. It’s easy for those that spend a good part of their time on the game, but those who want to play it more casually will face some trouble, unless these prices are far more minuscule than I am anticipating.

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I know where you’re coming from with that, but I believe that’s the idea behind it. Sure, the social aspect of the game is fun, and so are the gamemodes, but having something to strive for helps augment the already evident re-playability of the game.

I quite enjoy setting myself an item to strive for, then celebrating when I get it. :smiley_cat:

That’s not a problem… Thats how you get people to play the game… If everything was 1000 Units it wouldn’t be a game.

But you could play ANY gamemode, get Units. But then buy a cool ball.

If it were progress based then having a cool ball will also reflect you skill at it

i know im not saying it has to bought it can also be achieved… im just saying that it would be a cool feature too have… my suggestion is the trails… not how you get them.

We know. We’re just voicing our views on it :slight_smile:

But all in all. I like this idea