Trading post

I was thinking that you could add something like a trading post near the ocean or something. A place where people can go to trade one item for another or trade an item for money.

I think that sounds like a good idea considering that there are items that are exclusive to fishing, trophies, backer rewards, etc. To have the ability to directly buy an (adjective) crab off of someone rather than gamble with a catsack would probably work better for players in the long run. Could also create an interesting in-game economy perhaps. Sounds like an idea worth exploring.

Also, congratulations on your first post.


This idea isn’t a new one - I recommend searching the forums for talk of item trading. That idea has been heavily discussed by the community for a few years and it doesn’t seem like something the devs have any interest in. Opening the doors to trading gets the wheels turning on an in-game economy, which has proven to be a divisive idea in itself. Trading would be nice in some contexts, but it would carry a lot of other issues with it.