Trading Cards: GMod Tower wallpaper


I know it’s a bit early to talk about trading cards for Tower Unite, but I honestly think it would be pretty cool to have a wallpaper of lobby 1 or GMT in general, I’m not sure if there’s a limit to how many backgrounds can be submitted, but incase there’s room left it would be pretty neat to have.


I like it


Good idea! I like it


Hey that’s cool, Good idea! I like it


hey that would be awesome, i like it


After hours of thorough analysis I have come to the conclusion that I like it.


I like it, I like it!


I think this is a pretty cool idea, It would be amazing to have a wallpaper of GMT on steam or even a wallpaper of the TU lobby in general, maybe even having one or more of the game worlds as a wallpaper like Ballrace, Minigolf or any of the other game worlds.


I’d save that one for when we have the GMT lobby as a condo. Otherwise you’d have a shiny wallpaper of a location that ordinary non-GMT-veterans without archives of the game files can’t visit which doesn’t sound like a cool thing to me. Almost like false advertising.


yes yes yes