Trading and paying

So I want to be able to trade items and also the ability to pay other players. I thought of this because a friend of mine was making a pillow fort in his basement and he couldn’t finish it because of money. So today I started making my own and I’ve been thinking “man, if only he could give me his pillows…” So thats an example of why both would be useful. And I know that their are a lot of other reasons that this would be useful but I don’t want to make this too long.

I remember someone stating that trading and paying Units and items will not be a feature, but don’t quote me on this. I may be wrong.

I assume that it’s planned. You might be able to use Steam’s trade system in the future. But there would also be a differentiation between items that can and cannot be traded aswell.

I believe some items say “Non-tradeable” on them right?

Yeah, they do and that’s a pretty big indicator that trading is returning.

If I recall correctly, tradeable items will be the ones that aren’t purchased in stores and aren’t reward items. Tradeable items will be things such as fish you catch (once that gets developed). I know for a fact that Units will not be tradeable at any point.