Track idea: the catsack factory

This track would have you going through a factory where catsack are made (cosmic catsack could be the ones powering up the place) inspiration for the track:
Track description: ever wanted to know how a catsack is made??? Then coke to the catsack factory!!!

I’ll try to make some concept art of what some of the elements would be

Wait… so you’re saying catsacks aren’t living? And that they’re made in factories?! I thought catsacks were living things that were born with pianos inside of them.

Well it’s a thing I been thinking of for a few weeks now

I wanted to figure out a track idea that has the theme of catsacks

this idea sounds cool but it seems a bit too similar to toads factory


I love this idea!

Love it. Definitely needs to be called Catsacktory. Lol