Toy train economy

So since my condo got destroyed in christmas, i started investing in 5k toy trains to get the gmc back, so far i’ve reached 28 toy trains, now i have a little question: the sell amount of toy trains is 2500 gmc and the price in store is 5k, if gmc is halved for units, will toy trains be worth the buy or the sell price, because that will then be 2500 or 1250 Units, a bit difference when you have a lot of it

i hope it will be 2500 Units of course

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It’ll be more than 2500, Units are less valuable than GMC, so I’ve heard before.


Units are worth more than GMC.


Hm. So 1 GMC = 0.5 Units? (Not the actual rate, just an example to what it’d be like)