Towers Unite Questions

Hi, after the death of gmod tower i was thinking of getting Tower Unite and I have a few questions.
Will my stuff transfer from GMT (like my VIP and items) And Is Tower Unite actually worth it.

In response to both of those questions, the answer is 100% Yes!

Your items will transfer from GMod Tower to Tower Unite, however there has been no date set for when the transfer will take place yet.

The game is well worth the $15 (or regional equivalent) asking price and although it doesn’t have as much content as GMT at the moment, with the active development and incoming features like the workshop, I really think that the game is worth buying, although I could be a little biased as I backed it, so take that as you will.

Hope this helped you :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks man, I’ll buy it now

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Your welcome. Enjoy! :smiley:

There’s no VIP system in TU, and only the items that are in the game will transfer over. Rest are refunded in GMC for full store price and then turned into Units with the rest of your money.

Edit: The ratio appears to be .75 Units per GMC

All items that were not copyrighted by another company (for example character models), will be transferred over to TU. Those items will be automatically converted to units.

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