Towers Unite Boardwalk Idea?

This Is What I Think That should Be At The Pier! A Bunch Of Rides! This would Bring Joy And Entatainment To The Server ! Funfair Rides Would Be So Good. And It Would Be 10 GMC To Ride The Rides! I Think That This Would Be Really Cool ! And Also You Should Add Music To The Rides And Have Funfair Stores ! You could Win Alot Of Prizes! This Would Be So Awesome !!!

But What Do You Think?

(You Disagree?)

(You Agree?)


Sereval Rides have already been confirmed for Tower Unite, many of them were polled before.

As for the fun fair, I can see it being an event.

someone all ready done this thread.

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So you guys really wanted a theme park.
i’m not to crazy for theme park. I do like the background music.

I Actually Think its a good idea :smiley:

there a developer who all ready made a theme park games.we should separate our self from atom universe.

I Know But i thought that it would be good if they done a llittle Fairground :smile:

sure add some rides but don’t go full theme park and become like atom universe.

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Oh Yes I Agree With You :smiley: They just need a couple of Rides to brighten Up the Boardwak :wink: