I’ve been working hard to create an idea I had.

TowerFM is a radio station that I will broadcast that deals music that is noncopywritten and will hopefully serve more stuff as it develops!

Right now we have 3000+ Songs from OCRemix and possibly will get more from more non copywritten resources!

The station works in Tower Unite Media players and actual web browsers!

Keep in mind that now I can only host the station when I am on Tower since I do this on a laptop and sometimes I need to take this laptop places. May look into making this permanent through VPS or something. Idk. I will only broadcast when in my condo that will be named “TowerFM Station” or if I say I’m broadcasting in the Tower Discord (If I decide to not be in game, or if I decide to not sit in my condo and actually play the game Tower Unite)

How can I tune in?

Tower Media Supported links (Must Be condo owner to play or have host enter link)
TowerFM Audio & Song Info Thanks to @The_Sink_God for basically making both audio and visuals work through iFrame! Dude, you are awsome, I didnt think of that lol

Other Browser Only (If in game, use steam web browser :wink: )
Tower FM Song Requests

Future Improvements

The plan for the future is to make the station more radio like; add advertisements, or even jingles, but for now, all we got is music.

I hope maybe with help from the community we can improve the station more, maybe have community involvement for advertisements (like official tower lobby shop adverts), or even more!



I will Definitely use this, I like this idea
I don’t know how i feel about advertisements though

@DENMarkus its to make it feel like an actual station. It wouldnt be IRL adverts. but like adverts for Robs imports, etc


This is a really neat idea. Even with Tower aside I’d probably have this up in my browser from time to time to listen to some music in the background. Nice job! Although one thing, I mentioned iframes to you on the Discord and you said you didn’t really know how to set that up so here’s an example:

Allows you to have the audio stream and currently playing screen on one page while still using your refresh method. Of course there are better/more efficient ways to make it auto update but to make it easier that’s the best way I know of to merge the two into one screen with what you’re doing.

Also - I’m not sure if that’s the public IP address of your home network or a service provider but if it’s your home network that the audio stream is coming from, I’d suggest moving the audio stream to your website (if that’s on a hosted service like DigitalOcean or etc). It’s not generally dangerous (although it can be in some cases), but if you don’t have a very good connection many users streaming audio from your home network will cause some big slowdowns on both sides. I’m also not sure how you have it set up so I might be very wrong on this, just an observation :slight_smile:


ah! i like that a bit better, i thought it was like advertisements for other people or something

i thought about this a few years ago as something i wanted in the game because i liked being the dj role in dark rp servers because it was fun, good to see somebody do it!

This is awesome! I love seeing creative projects like this, best of luck with it and I hope it gains popularity.


Happy to see that you’ve expanded the song display system for use in all condos, this is awesome! I’m excited to see where this goes from here and I see a lot of potential for community collaboration on this (like people creating their own ‘adverts’ for community condos or plaza stores).

Great work :smiley:

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Album artwork triggers me. Cant get it to work


if albumart != correctalbumart {

mmm me like

Nice! I will use it for sure here and there :slight_smile:

Right now Im kinda taking a break from tower so TowerFM may be offline for a while, but hopefully will bring it on some time eventually.