Tower Unite's Release Date

You guys are saying the release date of tower unite is September of 2016. Im pretty sure it’s gonna be at least a couple of months earlier than that. Look at how much progress you’ve completed in the last 2 months! I mean, nice job getting so much done with a dev team of 10 people, but are you sure its gonna take another year to finish it? Just wondering.

Sure they’ve made a bunch of progress, but they’ve also got so much more to add. September seems like a pretty accurate date.

It may move around a bit depending on how successful the Early Access funding proves.


True. It’ll probably be between July and October.

Early Access is Due out in March 2016, So if that goes well I think it’d be easier to place a more accurate release date

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We are actually 5 full time developers and 3 part time.

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Also with a set date it means if they fnish early they can make it better and make it even more optimized. wait for september we will get a great game.

On the about page ( it says there are 10 active develoeprs and 2 inactive developers? Did you guys forget to update it? lol

Not all of our developers are working on Tower Unite.

Makes sense. Do you have some people dedicated to Gmod Tower or other projects?

Some have jobs elsewhere and we just simply cannot afford to hire them.

No need to rush the game out, wait a few months after you think what the release date ‘should’ be and I guarantee you’ll be even happier with the end product.

I agree with @Massaki please wait till it is a good game before sending out on the market as beta, that way you can get more funding when people buy it. :smile: