Tower Unite

Ugh…I just watched the trailer again, probably for the 15th time. Looking forward to it guys, you’re making some really high quality stuff here. I tip my hat to you.


Watched the trailer? The trailer doesn’t even touch on what they’ve done the last few months! For up to date information, go to: [56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek

Not to discredit @Zeeno’s post, but that stuff is pretty messy. It’s more showing in-development stuff. A better place to look if you’re out of the loop would be here:

The “Sneak peaks” are more for the little bits that they do. Overviews are… well overviews

Haha yeah, I recently stepped into the lobby, my first time in a while and I was excited to explore all the places they’ve added! Keep up the good work folks!

even better just hit em up when they do a stream. Thats the best way to get tidbits on whats being developed.

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Sorry, guys, but could anyone tell me the approximately system requirements of Tower Unite?

As the game is still alpha, there’s not really a specification for the system requirements.
You can approximate with the UE4 Performance Tester to see how well your machine runs the game engine.