Tower Unite x Linkin Park mashup


I don’t know if this counts as a video but whetever


Chester would be rolling in his grave. You really should’ve used one of their slower songs. The vocals are just too fast and agressive for the slow, relaxing music. As soon as I heard the music, I could’ve sworn Chester was gonna start singing The Messenger and then Mike just comes along rapping In The End. Don’t get me wrong, I love In The End but it really doesn’t go with that music at all


What have you done


I’ve sinned


You’re going straight to the depths of h*ck


Hck you mother fr**er sorry for swearing


It’s okay, brother. Let us agree to repent tonight…


This is one of the only 4 Linkin park songs I know


Ah, ok. Well, it’s definitely a great song, it just doesn’t fit with the music.