Tower Unite Wikia

I opened a Tower Unite wiki at, so people please start adding pages and editing.
@Zak, @Foohy, @macdguy, @Matt, if you tell me your wikia username (or make one) I can make you guys bureaucrats
EDIT: Does anyone have a better favicon I can use for the website, the quality on the one I made is not that good


use stuff from the wikipedia

Not sure if this was needed since someone made a wikipedia page

Nah this is still needed. For a game like TU having a wiki is vital. It would contain the knowledge of every piece of furniture, how to get all the fish, all the different mutators and indepth guides to gamemodes. Not to mention that everything needs a wiki nowadays as my thirst for random game trivia must be sated.


Just because we made a wikipedia page doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a Wikia, With all the gamemodes and items in the game it’d be fitting to have.

But is the wikia necessary at this point? I mean, the game is on Alpha 0.3. There could be a page about Condos, Plaza, Ball Race, and maybe even the floating flower, but not much more

Honestly I’d prefer a Wikia over a Wikipedia page, because of Wikia’s layout. Also, there should be many pages to write once features start getting piled on the game.

A Wikipedia page is an article for the general public to gain knowledge regarding a certain topic. A Wiki/Wikia dedicated to a single topic is for those who seek for a bigger knowledge of that topic in a bigger scale, normally in search of something specific.

That being said, I am up to help building something like this. I would much more prefer a Mediawiki over a Wikia, but I suppose that’s not as easy to set up as a Wikia (since for MW you need your own host, and the self-hosting Media Wiki sites tend to be not that great).

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Too soon though

Should have waited for that until the early access

Filling it with stuff as we go along now will help new players on day 1 of early access.

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I’d rather there be an Official Tower Unite wiki hosted at Pixeltail Games and run by Pixeltail than some page.

Something like “” sounds nice.
It would also prevent 15,000 different wiki’s for Tower Unite across hundreds of different sites.

Like currently there are already 2 wikia wikis:


It obviously needs a lot of work if it’s supposed to have some quality. I think people need to learn stuff such as Templates and Wikicode first. Always helps.

Again, why don’t we wait until there is actual content in the alphas? Because right now, even if someone described everything in the Alpha 0.3 with detail, it would still look crappy and neither the users nor the devs want that…

Wikia is horrible, they are only in it for ad money. If you try to delete your wikia, they take it over and remove yourself as owner so they can continue to receive money from ads.

We should have an official mediawiki instead.

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