Tower Unite use Chromium for browsing videos?

Tower Unite use Chromium for browsing videos sometimes?

I don’t know how they make videos from internet played on the game.

Are you asking if TU uses Chromium for watching videos? If so, then no, it uses the steam browser.

We use Chromium.

We are currently using the Unreal engine version which doesn’t have H.264 codec, so not all videos can be played.

We were using the one that Valve provides, via their Steam browser, but a recent update to their browser now crashes on Youtube ads, forcing us to disable use of it. The Steam browser one has H.264 codec.

H.264 codec license costs a ton and is not something we can afford.


Oh, yeah. Forgot about that update. Also, you have to license codecs? I know consumers are free to use them. Does that change when it’s a business?

Yeah, we have to pay for each use of the codec, per customer per year.

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Maybe you could look into using VLC players?
I’ve seen a lot of games and apps use VLC for playing media.