Tower unite trailer review

graphics:the graphics are really good.the shadows look textures look shinny and all so ,realistic. but i do hope that i can change the graphics to gmod stands because my and some other people’s computers can’t run stuff like this.

Character:it’s looks change the look of your character .but the default model a bit off ,like the girls model’s arms looks to far part and a bit long and a bit fat and her stomach far out and more.’s really good.i do not like now the condo works for example you have to buy rooms,there’s only 12 rooms so when there a lot of people, you have to wait just to put one thing in your condo.but other the map itself is good (p:s i am NOT counting glitches. only it works and it’s looks because they could be fix when this comes out).

request:if you have played gmod tower you probably know the building shop and how frustrating it is.what if you look at the pictures to know big it is but all you get is a small tiny block and for some try how much is from the floor the the roof is without at lest a roller is really really hard so my request is to add a build mode.

in this build what you want, and after your done ,it will give you a may save it so if you do not have enough money. you can save up to’s you have enough money it will build what you create to make epic condos.

final thoughts: Tower Unite is looking to be a good game.but I do not know why is had to be it’s own game.what was wrong staying on gmod.was it to fix glitches .you could have just said you could not fix them.but i can look pass that because like i said before Tower Unite is looking to be a good game so i will buy it when it comes out.

I’ve asked for this…
We all did…
And we’ve donated 73663 $ to make it a reality…

You will be able to do this. The graphics will be able to go even lower than gmod standards actually.

oh ya about that. i edited the post

i am sorry i worded it wrong

YAY :grin:

imo the graphics could be better but hopefully that comes along with the development :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this:

We’re working on this.

You don’t have to buy rooms for the Condo in Tower Unite. There are also unlimited Condos as players host them.

Read: Old Tower Unite Frequently Asked Questions (during Indiegogo)

well, i did not say the game is perfect

will i get my money back for the room.
i know you will get some of your items and the rest of it will turn in to gmc.but will the rooms turn in to gmc

Yes you will.


Ask any Gmod community if they’re satisfied with the Source engine. That thing is too limiting.
All of this new stuff in Tower unite… boardwalk stuff, pets, exploring, better performance… all of that. It would’t be possible on the Source engine.
It’s like getting new computer x saying you’re satisfied with Minesweeper and staying on your '98

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Well, what can we expect from a game engine that is over a decade old? No developer from today is gonna find that good anymore.

ya it is .but the map was fine (just need some glitch fixing). can we all say that gmtower is at lest a okay game (well ,most people would say it a GOOD game and.well i think it’s the best of gmod.)
the reason i a bit spectacle about tower unite is , i felled that gmtower did not need to be it’s own game.i know they want to stand up on it’s own ,to have better graphics,maps,and more.but i do not think it needed that.

i am shore tower unite to be a good real main problem that i did not want to state in the review is (i know this going to sound wrong) is it’s going to cost do not get me wrong ,this is going more then better graphics (in fact the better graphics gives it a reason cost money) but why we need better graphics.why can’t just more addons for the new maps.why.i did not know if this was going to be it’s own game ,that the creators would have this for full time a dream job come ture . i thought this was for only the money ,considering the original kickstarter (i think it was about 300,000 dollar goal) but i think i understand now.

so ya i can’t wait for tower unite to come ,now :joy:

TU is still very early alpha, anything to do with bad looking models/animations or glitches are most definitely going to be fixed.

The problem with GMod isn’t glitches, it’s quite literally the fact that the PixelTail team have pushed the Source Engine to its limits. They couldn’t get any more out of it if they tried (And believe me, they have.)

So yeah, TU is going to cost money, but so did Garry’s Mod, CS:S and the HL2 Episodic games that used to be a requirement in some of the older versions of Tower.

The price itself is pretty low anyways, and considering they going to be adding so, so much more to this new Tower game makes it completely worth it, I feel. Everything they couldn’t do on the Source Engine can be done now.

We’re done with GMod. We can’t work on what we love and have it be a mod of a mod of a game. We have to make money for food and to live. Our dream job is working on Tower full time and in order to do that - we need to make it a separate game.

On top of that, I strongly believe that GMod is constantly holding us back.

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yes i do know that.

i am sorry if i am annoying you so do not worry[quote=“catst, post:1, topic:3585”]
i will buy it when it comes out

and i have no more questions ,so go on some question post or something

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It’s all good. You aren’t annoying.