Tower Unite thinks my playermodel has over 4x the amount of vertices it actually has

In Blender, my playermodel has 8426 vertices, even after I import it back into Blender after exporting it to .dae. But when I import it into Tower Unite, it says this:

I have no idea where these vertices are coming from. Reducing the vertex count causes this to go down, for example if I had around 150 vertices the game would think it was 600.

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Could you PM me your player model?

I am having the same problem. Did you ever reach a solution? I can send you the files.

Short Answer/solution:
Turn smooth shading on for your object/objects.
With your objects selected simply right click and and apply “shade smooth”.

Why this works:
To negate smoothing on objects that are flat shaded, UE4 will split the mesh along smoothing angles to keep the shading flat, thus increasing your overall vertex count.

Happy Modeling! :blush:


In attempting to upload a model for the first time months later, my above solution seems to no longer work entirely. Although smooth shading does tend help “reduce” the number verts said in TU, it still also seems to always be more than what is said in blender.

Currently the only way I’ve been able to upload a model with the exact number of verts as said in blender is to remove the UV map entirely… but that is not really a solution.