Tower Unite thinks my playermodel has over 4x the amount of vertices it actually has

In Blender, my playermodel has 8426 vertices, even after I import it back into Blender after exporting it to .dae. But when I import it into Tower Unite, it says this:

I have no idea where these vertices are coming from. Reducing the vertex count causes this to go down, for example if I had around 150 vertices the game would think it was 600.

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Could you PM me your player model?

I am having the same problem. Did you ever reach a solution? I can send you the files.

Short Answer/solution:
Turn smooth shading on for your object/objects.
With your objects selected simply right click and and apply “shade smooth”.

Why this works:
To negate smoothing on objects that are flat shaded, UE4 will split the mesh along smoothing angles to keep the shading flat, thus increasing your overall vertex count.

Happy Modeling! :blush: