Tower Unite: The Crystal Maze | Minecraft

Welcome to the GMT/Tower Unite: Minecraft Crystal Maze Tournament!
Hopefully this will be a fun ‘community bonding’ event.

All rules will be explained before the event starts. If you want more information on the crystal maze, here’s a short video.
the rest will be explained in the pre-game lobby.
To join the tournament it will require you to connect to a Team Speak 3 server, located here: Shutdown
After joining the TS3 Server, enter the Game Queue Channel, if there is an open slot, you will be moved to the Pre-Game Lobby. Once the game starts the Queue will close & the Pre-Game lobby will move to the in-game lobby.

Upcoming Session Times:

Session #1

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Next Zak vs. Foohy match anyone?

Unfortunately, there’s no vs play in The Crystal Maze. We could of course compare points from teams that have already played. The next match starts in 10 minutes but I don’t think enough people will join :disappointed:

I’l try tomorow because my TS ain’t working. :rage:

Today’s Session starts in 1 hour & 30 minutes!

Added a little video & removed the long paragraphs of rules.

8/8/15 Match starts in 30 minutes.