Tower Unite Steam Alpha Hype Thread

The basic jist of this thread is to put gifs and general hype for the TU Steam Alpha.
Sooooo, GO NUTS!


Also i kinda <3 R type...

R-Type: Delta was best R-Type.

Stage 1 and 4 songs, though. <3

IKR! I love stage 7 the best!

I couldn’t sleep that night after reaching that stage for the first time. (I was like, 11 or something :L)

did you do the R-13?

Mhm, unlocking POW was the most exciting thing ever when I finally did it. I always knew there was a 4th ship, but I could never find out how to get it.

I’ll gladly put together a Tower Unite Hype Train image at some point, but for now this will have to do.

for those curious:

When does it release?

There was this hype train, where everyone added their profile picture to the train.

official unofficial hype train


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