Tower unite podcast

Decided to do a podcast and we’ve been having it take place in TU


You know.

I’d say you’d be stealing my idea.

But mine is only a podcast by name, not by practice, lol.


Well I can assure you I had no idea this was done before. But hey u got a link, I’d watch urs. And or listen

inb4 podcast battle of the century

Alexer no longer has the monopoly, let the games begin.

Awesome! I love seeing Tower Unite content like this. Good name too.


ey thanks :smiley:

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Did another podcast and had an even bigger audience this time :smiley:!
Its really cool to see and interact with the people who come to watch both in-game and in stream. I try doing these once a week so stop by if u see it!


Doing a new years podcast at 11pm the condo will also open around that time! :monkey: