Tower Unite: Player Testimonials 2023

After 8 years since PixelTail Games’ video, Tower Unite: Player Testimonials, I decided to remake the video as a way to celebrate my first Towerversary—my first full year since I started playing Tower Unite.

With the help of @Plasma @Umbre @JesusFreak Pongo, and Rob, this video was released and showcased within the February 2023 Community Screenshot:

Tower Unite: Player Testimonials 2023

Community Members Shown:
@loley & Searith
@Laura_Butterfly & Rubba
Dr. Trash Panda
Generic Name & Mara

I had a few people opt into writing out their answers to this, and I’d like to highlight that as well.

What is your favorite thing or moment in Tower Unite?

Just as a note: if you’d like me to expand further upon these points I’d be perfectly willing to do so; I can write a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT more, for all of these questions.
Hm, when it comes to my favorite moment that’s quite difficult to really think about off the top of my head due to having done so many things throughout my time on TU. As such I’ll opt for talking about my favorite thing; Virus. Now I’m not saying Virus is good, there are so many problems with it and I often find it a bit… bland and boring. But it can sometimes be extremely exciting and there’s an amusing contrast between everyone’s wacky playermodels and trying to survive a definitely-not-zombie outbreak. On top of this it’s also proven to be the meeting ground for quite a few people that I’ve come to be more familiar with over the years… hmm… perhaps I’m just looking through rose-tinted glasses, but nostalgia is a powerful feeling, no?

My favorite thing about Tower Unite is… Conversations, mostly in condos. Getting to talk to all sorts of different kinds of people, and getting a view into their mind through their decoration/building. People can build some crazy cool stuff, but I especially like seeing the little cozy personal places.

How has Tower Unite changed your life?

Okay so this sounds immensely cheesy but yes, it has been the catalyst for some rather drastic improvements to me as a person. However curiously I would argue when I first played the game during the 2016-2017 era is when it changed me the most which is well before I even considered the idea of getting involved in anything vaguely community-related. (Fun thing I forgot in the first question is that I actually played Virus a fair bit during the very early days of TU… the game world is in a much better state now, I’ll say that much.) I’ll refrain from getting too detailed and writing a ten thousand word essay about how things have changed. But I’ll say that I learned netiquette right quick after I inadvertently made a mess of some friendships. As for later on, it’s certainly had me learn how to manage time and schedule things. When you’re good friends with a bunch of people who would all like some of your time, trying to keep things organized is critical!

Well, I met my girlfriend of two years through Tower Unite. So that’s pretty significant! It was also instrumental for me in my early exploration of my gender. The first people who knew I was trans were in Tower Unite. I even got my name through it! I’m not sure how I would have built up the confidence to come out in real life without the safe space that Tower Unite provided for me.

What keeps you coming back to Tower Unite?

Fishing. …Okay but on a more serious note it’s generally because Tower Unite has so much to do and plenty of activities to kill a bit of time with. Fishing just so happens to be a fantastic one of such activities. Having an activity that can be relaxing when solo, or a way to hang out with other people and just chat about things whilst catching various curios. I mean sure the community is nice and all and condos allow for so much creativity, but just having such a wide variety of activities to do (when not suffering from choice paralysis) proves to be quite good for player retention, at least in my specific case.

The people. Tower Unite has the most interesting and welcoming community I’ve seen in a game. I have a hard time going outside and meeting people in real life, so having the option to connect with people online is amazing.

Now it’s your turn to answer

Really think about these questions; I’d love to hear everyone’s replies to these:

What is your favorite thing or moment in Tower Unite?

How has Tower Unite changed your life?

What keeps you coming back to Tower Unite?


My favorite moment in tower unite? It’s hard to pick just one, but one that I really love is when I told my friend KirbyRocket that I’d caught each fish she still needed twice before and- wait a minute-
But seriously, I do love that moment, your reaction was priceless.

How has Tower Unite changed my life?
While personally, I thought I hadn’t played the game enough for it to really have changed my life… that is until I realized that I met 2 of my now closest friends in Tower just about 5 months ago, during the Casino Phase 2 update, and they’ve had a good impact on me in general.

What keeps me coming back to Tower Unite?
It’s a number of things. Interacting with friends is one thing. The game is such a good space to screw around and just have fun, interact with people through more interactive means than a discord call.

  • Another thing is the condo building. There are very few games that I own which allow me to really express my creativity. Even though too many Workshop items takes too long to load, and the vanilla items can be a little restrictive, I love being able to build up something in Tower Unite such as a character’s home or a layout for a passion project. I really love it even if I struggle to think of ideas.
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Let’s see…

My favorite moment is the time that I first tried out Tower Unite. That really left an impact on me as a gamer, because I’ve never played a social game with as much personality as TU.

TU changed my life thanks to all of the wonderful people that I’ve met, I literally went from only have 3-4 friends to having 80+, that is freakin’ crazy to me!

Why do I keep coming back? Tower is just so damn addicting. The longest I’ve went without playing Tower is about one day. I always find time in the evening to play it.

What is your favorite thing or moment in Tower Unite?
I think my favorite thing about tower is that everyday i hop on someone will do something so silly it makes me cry laughing. The community never fails to amaze me!

How has Tower Unite changed your life?
This game has given me so many good memories! I’ve met so many people on here, some of which i’ve even gotten to meet up in real life several times by now!

What keeps you coming back to Tower Unite?
Tower unite is the only game i can just do about anything i want in the moment, be it building my condo, minigames or just even watching tv with my friends. I think those are the reasons what makes Tower Unite about the only game i have been playing in the past few years!

Hooray, I’m not alone in responding through text.

I must admit I’m interested to see others’ responses to these questions as well! While a lot of people come and go there are also quite a few longtime players who surely have been impacted by such a niche-yet-wonderful game like Tower Unite.

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What is your favorite thing or moment in Tower Unite?
Some of my favorite moments include when the annual season of the Bone Zone comes to play. It brings the community together, and always makes for an extremely fun and action filled night. I unfortunately couldn’t make any of the shows last season, as I was pretty busy, but I hope to make it to some of the shows next season. This easily ties with the Prizim Podcast, which is ran by an… interesting guy. @Alexer_Zoderia

How has Tower Unite changed your life?
Tower has changed my life in a way I will never regret. I discovered GMT in around 2013/2014, which is what led up to me purchasing Tower Unite the very second it released in 2016. Little did I know, it would still have a big impact on my life over a decade later. I met some of my closest friends on Tower, whom I still make time out of my day to talk to every single day.

What keeps you coming back to Tower Unite?
The updates, the community, and the amazing dev team constantly bring me back to Tower whenever I can make some time to do so. I love seeing familiar faces and new faces every time I play the game. It’s extremely fun to interact with new people within various places in the game.

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my favorite thing in tower unite has to be the condos cause they expand your creativity to no end however you want to your hearts content

how has this game changed my life, its the friendships that i made & the impact that it holds, my advice to new players is be respectful & be mindful of other players, therefore they’ll do the same & one day they’ll be your friend

what keeps me coming back to this game is the updates, the endless achievements, the friendships as previously stated & etc cause the devs always find ways to make the game fun even tho it still a early access game, there is so much to do from the mini games to condo building


  1. My favorite moment in Tower was when I was exploring condos. I found a condo that was an amazing replica of the Akademi High School that was made by Dr_Peanut. On that night it was the funniest moment I had in Tower because we started roleplaying some sort of school scenario, but it was with a goofy twist. Basically it was chaos and lots of fun. Wish I had recorded this event.

  2. I feel Tower did change my life. It made me more social to people I’ve met many great people on Tower. Before I bought Tower, I didn’t have many friends to play with, but now I have a good amount. I’m grateful that I bought this game.

  3. The things that make me come back to Tower is its chill environment. I feel relaxed when I play this game. The other things that make me come back is playing with my friends, customizing my condos, exploring community condos, roaming the plaza, and seeing what’s new in the updates. Tower Unite is a game with a bright future. I hope more people discover this amazing game.

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I really don’t know what I should say that has made me play Tower Unite because there really is a ton that made me want to play a first. Either it be the Arcade, the Minigames, the customization you can do with your Condo, the new emulation, the conversations you can have in Tower Unite or even the Casino. Everything about it is amazingly well done and makes me hope what will come next for Tower Unite since the devs talk to the community all the time. I met ALOT of amazing people through this game and I hope that continues to happen.

I think it’s really cool to see how all the long time players actually know and see eachother on the regular even if some of us never say a word to eachother. We’re like a little town and we see our neighbors on the street every so often!

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My favorite thing about Tower Unite is simply how it’s an experience I really feel like I can’t get anywhere else. A few of my friends claim that “why don’t you play GMod or VRChat for this kind of experience”, but there’s just something so potent and unique about Tower compared to the other games. It’s that wackiness mixed with professional game development, more than just a mere game mode for some bigger game. It’s special because of the fact that despite it being something that has been “done” before.

Oh, and the one time I clipped a dude going “you’re gonna be the first to be infected” in front of the first infected in Virus. That’s a good moment.

What is your favorite thing or moment in Tower Unite?

Building tricked out condos, having virtual parties, unlocking hard af achievements, and beating personal bests in minigames, and Game Worlds alike.

Everything about this game is like the bastard child of Garry’s Mod and Habbo Hotel but ON CRACK (minus the micro transactions and user-operated pyramid schemes of course) with a side of Monkey Ball and TimeSplitters (which can be thanked for Virus and Unite’s stylised aesthetic).

A fully featured simulated arcade that can support up to 64 concurrent players is also almost unheard of.

The media players. Just the MEDIA PLAYERS. How many games can you count on one hand that allow multiple players to watch the same YouTube video simultaneously and in-sync?

A 4-player co-op on-rails shooting gallery that has been inspired by real life theme park rides.

Playable in-game musical instruments, that are soon to have MIDI SUPPORT.

What it needs however is fully immersive room scale VR, and this should be enough to put the frighteners on VRChat (ugh) and Rec Room. One thing that PixelTail ought to be cautious of when developing the VR aspect of the game is to avoid the predatory gaze of Mark Zuckerberg.

While GMT was innovative for its time, it didn’t really stick with me long term in the way that Unite has. This is because its full potential was unfortunately held back by the Source Engine. GMT was pushing the Source Engine to its limit and the price to pay for this was GMT being plagued by wooden janky-ass physics and desync. The absence of a European server at the time did not help its case either.

How has Tower Unite changed your life?

It helped get me through a difficult period of my life where I was out of a job during the pandemic and its associated lockdowns.

Through it I met nice new friends from around the world, and through media players I have been exposed to new genres of music.

Smashing the three most difficult Ball Race maps without dying also gave me confidence boost.

What keeps you coming back to Tower Unite?

  • More options for condo customisation
  • Making your condo your own
  • Visiting and exploring super creative or wholesome condos made by others
  • More minigames and activities
  • More items and trinkets to collect and unlock
  • Play at your own pace
  • No time gated or time sensitive ephemeral content to capitalise on FOMO
  • No microtransactions
  • Free updates
  • More Game World maps
  • More distractions
  • Seasonal coins
  • The warm tropical summer aesthetic of the plaza
  • The abject wackiness, silliness, and the memes (Both in terms of the humourous in-game flavour text, lore, in-jokes, and user generated content)
  • The wholesome peeps to be around
  • The devs interacting with the community both inside and outside of the game
  • Transparent Trello roadmaps outlining future content and updates.

I think this is my turn, well, most people knows that my English is “okay” but I wanna give it a try so let’s begin:

What is your favorite thing or moment in Tower Unite?

One of my many favorite moments is just the launching the game, then join friends if somes of them are online, or going into my condo, being creative and let people join, sharing ideas, let them explore/use what I’ve created, chilling with them, watching/listening videos/music…
There’s so much of those cool and nice moments, I cannot list them all, it would just take me quite some time to write.

How has Tower Unite changed your life?

I’m still a shy person inside me, most likely due to my small disease but I will not expand on this topic here.
I feel like Tower Unite’s people has somehow helped me to engage more conversations with players around the plaza and other activities.
There’s still somes small difficult times where I just don’t know what to say to follow a conversation, but that is happening way less often by now. On side note I wanna try more to use my microphone where it’s not that easy to understand me in English (I prioritize typing instead, but I’d try more with microphone at some point, yes)
Making friends was ‘apparently’ impossible to me, couple years ago on other games (social or not).
Tower Unite sort of became my 2nd home at this point.

What keeps you coming back to Tower Unite?

I would like to say that: Friends and cool people are important in a social game such as Tower Unite, that sets a good ambiance, such ambiance happens enough often to keep me coming back. The game overall is huge and good!
And that is not the only reason why I keep coming back almost every day: The gameworlds are a tons of fun to enjoy and play with people/friends! Condos aswell, there’s still something new to create or to discover, alone or in group.
I do love and enjoy Tower Unite everytime I’m launching it! This is beyond an experience to me, it is truly a 2nd home as I just said above. That is still going since April 2016, I live on a daily basis with this 2nd home which I definitely won’t quit anytime soon!

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