Tower Unite Milestone ideas and plaza feature suggestions

So i know accelerate is not out yet but i have a milestone idea for it already make the karts you get in game a final reward to drive around the plaza. I think it would be fun to see people driving around the plaza in a kart and maybe you can have a track somewhere in the plaza. I was thinking you either use the kart you get as a milestone reward or use it as a rental similar to boat renting when it comes out. The track will feature no items no laps and no reward just a starting line and a few turns like a go kart track where you can go where ever you want. I just think those 2 would work together. I also want customizable RC cars and morphs like for example changing the color of the RC car to red and for morphs the ball race ball color from red to yellow or green or what ever you pick. Now for bumper car milestone ideas. I think that the 2 last bumper car milestones should be a regular bumper car that you can ride around and the last one to be a collectable bumper car where you can push players and launch them a small distance. I thought about people being annoying with this so there should be a feature to turn off collision against players in settings. Last thing i wanna talk about is Milestone mastery. I think that when you finally finish a milestone completely you should keep going but the items you get are the same but with different effects/colors. Now if this cant happen or maybe its not a good idea i would instead replace the items with cat sack rewards where you restart your milestone but instead of the items you get cat sacks in different tiers. Thats all i gotta say and this is my first suggestion and please do tell in the comments if you think this would work or not Thanks.

plaza vehicles are planned and when the upgrades store comes out you will get gameworld catsacks every “X” amount of xp

Well then my other idea is better like different effects on the items you already have and I wanted to be specific I want the actual karts from accelerate to be drivable and handling exactly like the gameworld when it comes out