Tower Unite MIDI .NET 1.2


I have taken it upon myself to fork and update Yoshify’s Tower Unite MIDI .NET project from 2019. I’ve fixed a multitude of bugs, did some code cleanup, and even rewrote entire portions of code to fix issues with latency causing missed notes. I am still actively developing and working on it, planning to introduce entirely new features along with more bug fixes.

Also, I know MIDI integration into Tower Unite is around the corner, but I find this project very fun regardless and will likely continue to develop it even after that update.

Have fun!

Tower Unite MIDI .NET 1.2 Github


Continuing development on Tower Unite MIDI .NET 1.2.1, with an entirely new feature and many improvements along with it! I also got the blessing of Yoshify not too long ago which is also really cool :smiley: :musical_keyboard:

  1. Drum Mode :drum:

TUMDN is no longer piano-exclusive! By clicking the “Drum Mode” checkbox, TUMDN will be compatible with Tower Unite’s drumkit. Now you can play the drums on Tower with your real-life MIDI devices, or use a MIDI file with a drum channel. The drumkit on Tower is lacking (it’s missing a ride cymbal) but otherwise it should sound great, and the integration is seamless. The only thing you can’t do is use the open hi-hat or the snare rim (both sound awful and discordant in testing). If the open hi-hat sound sample didn’t close, it would have been just fine.

  1. FPS Adjust Tool (Unfinished)

TUMDN works best when Tower is above 60 FPS. This is because Tower, like all games, reads user inputs in real-time. The more below 60 FPS it runs, progressively the game will start to not read inputs, as TUMDN presses and releases keys too fast. So if TUMDN held notes down longer, it would allow enough time for Tower to read it.

Introducing the FPS Adjust Tool, simply input your FPS and TUMDN will calculate (approximately) the right amount of time how long keys should be held. This feature is still VERY unfinished and not perfect, as songs begin to sound more distorted the lower you set your FPS. But it’s more functional than before, so I’m on the right path for future improvements.

  1. General Improvements

Less bugs, more quality of life stuff, and generally lots of things making TUMDN as a tool pleasant and intuitive to use. Overall, it’s a lot better than it was when I started doing this.

Tower Unite MIDI .NET 1.2.1 should be released to the Github repository within a day of posting this. :hugs: :heart: :musical_keyboard: